Airbnb - Property Rental Website - Notion Template

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Planning to put your place on rent? Not sure how to create a website?

Just duplicate this template, edit content and voila! you have your business site ready in minutes!

All Features ($29):

  • A simple, clean and functional site template built using Notion.
  • Menus available are:
    • Home
    • Gallery
    • Pricing
    • Testimonials
    • Contact
  • Site is easily customisable and manageable as property owner by you. No hassles.

Support to Integrate TallyForms (Additional $10)

Forms for Booking & Contact are built using TallyForms. (TallyForms has a free tier and you can create these forms using the free tier itself.).

If you want me to customise and connect it to your account - please choose the $39 Option.

  • If you have chosen this, please create your TallyForm account and send me login details
  • I will connect the Forms to your email along with any customisations
    • This ensures that all requests for 'Request to book a room' and 'Contact' will be sent to your email.
  • For more details, please go through the steps here.


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Airbnb - Property Rental Website - Notion Template

0 ratings
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