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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise by Naval - Minimal Poster, Laptop & Mobile Wallpaper

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise by Naval - Minimal Poster, Laptop & Mobile Wallpaper

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42 ratings

Big fan of Naval on Twitter. Love the conciseness of his tweets and the choice of words. Those tiny sentences pack a lot of clarity and meaning. This artwork is a visual / minimal representation of one of his recent tweetstorms on being Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. 

What you will get

1. High res print ready poster (also includes avoid 'sugar' version)

2. High res desktop wallpaper 4k

3. High res mobile and tablet wallpapers

Buy Poster + Notion Dashboard Pack

You will get

1. Healthy, Wealthy, Wise - Poster, Wallpaper pack as mentioned above

2. Notion Dashboard - for Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Notion Dashboard - A single place to track your health, wealth and wisdom on Notion. Fully customisable to your preferences and easy to use on both web and mobile. (Images shared above)
If you want only the Notion Dashboard - Go here

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If you download the poster or wallpapers, please leave a rating for me on Gumroad. It helps other people discover my work too. Also do tag me on Twitter @sonaal or @golimitless - would love to see it out in the wild :D 

I am planning to add more artwork and minimal posters over time - on positivity, life and wisdom. Please share this with friends and colleagues. It will mean a lot to me :) 

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