Monthly & Yearly Reflection Hub Notion Template

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Supercharge your personal introspection journey with our Monthly and Yearly Reflection Hub Notion template! 🚀

The template features 2 sections:

Monthly Reviews: Use this to recap, reflect, and plan your month by answering 5 questions inspired by Dickie Bush's

  • Identify wins, setbacks, and deviations from your goals, ensuring you stay on track.

Yearly Reviews: Reflect on your entire year with 7 thoughtful questions inspired by Sahil Bloom’s tweet.

  • Look back at your achievements, learnings, and growth.
  • Plan strategically, learning from your mistakes, and build a brighter future.

✨ With the Monthly & Yearly Reflection Hub, you can conveniently review your entire year's highlights, milestones, achievements, and even setbacks all on a single page.

  • 'The Year at a glance' page shows your ENTIRE year summarized in a SINGLE page!
  • Use this to review the entire year and make better plans for the upcoming one✌🏻

This template serves as a handy tool — helping you capture those precious moments, reflect on the challenges, and empowering you to make changes for personal growth and happiness. 🚀

Give it a try ❤️


  • Does this template work with Notion's free plan? Yes, you can definitely use this template on Notion's free personal plan.
  • Is there instructions on how to use the template? Yes, there is a start here section in the template which gives you complete instruction on how to start using the template.
  • Can I customize the template? Yes, the template can be customised to suit your needs!
  • What will happen after I purchase?
    • Upon completing your purchase, you'll receive immediate access to an instructions PDF.
    • It contains a step-by-step guide to kickstart your journey.
      • Inside, there is a direct link to duplicate the template to your workspace.
      • There is also a link to a demo template that comes with thoughtfully pre-filled sample data, allowing you to explore and visualize how the template will look once you fill it with data.

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Reflect, look back, learn, and plan with the Monthly & Yearly Reflection Hub template.

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Monthly & Yearly Reflection Hub Notion Template

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