Daily Planner Notion Template

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A minimal and aesthetically pleasing Daily Planner designed to assist you in:

  1. Viewing day priority
  2. Tracking your habits
  3. Recording your daily moods
  4. Organizing and managing your task effortlessly

The template also includes a variety of images for the mood section, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you.

πŸ”” Version 1: Daily Planner (Brown color theme)

The default version of the Daily Planner features a Brown color theme.

πŸ”” Version 2: Daily Planner (6 different Notion Color themes)

This version offers the same template in a range of colors: Default, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink. You can then duplicate the template that aligns perfectly with your workspace color theme!

πŸ”” Version 3: Daily Planner Plus

  • In addition to all features available in the standard Daily Planner (brown theme), you have the added capability to capture journal entries during both your morning startup and winding-down moments.
  • Designed to facilitate introspection and mindful reflection, this version includes questions that prompt you to engage with your thoughts and emotions.
  • Checkout this version's image for detailed insights.


  • Does this template work with Notion's free plan? Yes, you can definitely use this template on Notion's free personal plan.
  • Is there instructions on how to use the template? Yes, there is a start here section in the template which gives you complete instruction on how to start using the template.
  • Can I customize the template? Yes, the template can be customised to suit your needs!
  • What will happen after I purchase?
    • Upon completing your purchase, you'll receive immediate access to an instructions PDF.
    • It contains a step-by-step guide to kickstart your journey.
      • Inside, there is a direct link to duplicate the Daily Planner template to your workspace.
      • This template comes with thoughtfully pre-filled sample data, allowing you to explore and visualize how your own data will look.

Questions, doubts or concerns? Email us at kavisha_jg@yahoo.com


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A minimalist and aesthetically pleasing daily planner to manage your habits, moods & tasks

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Daily Planner Notion Template

27 ratings
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